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December 04, 2013

From the Chairman

Bruce Rosenblum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


With this, the first issue of emmy for 2015, I am once again reminded that this is a great time to be working in television — and a great time to be an Academy member.

The Academy is a busy place these days, with several important initiatives well under way — led by the ongoing construction at our NoHo Arts District campus and the expansion of our New Destination capital campaign.

I have also identified several areas of emphasis for myself, our board and our staff that I believe will further elevate us as an organization, create additional incentives for membership and affirm our commitment to future generations of television professionals.

A top priority is our steadfast commitment to increasing diversity within the Academy — and within our industry as a whole. We should, can and will do better.

In addition, we are expanding online voting, which this year will include both rounds of the Emmy Awards competition. We expect that this streamlined process will lead to greater participation among our members, making the Emmy an even more prestigious honor.

Another priority: an expanded effort to communicate the value and importance of Television Academy membership. With TV now widely regarded as the most dynamic segment of the entertainment business — and a source of enormous opportunity for everyone from production assistants to production executives — the time is ripe for greater industry outreach.

Consider Robert Redford’s recent comments at the Sundance Film Festival. When asked about the state of film and television, he said, “I started in television. I’m a big fan of television. Mainstream film is shrinking — it’s harder and harder for an artist to find their way in the film business. My impression is, television is advancing faster than major filmmaking.” 

I cite these remarks not to diminish our colleagues in the film industry, but rather to convey the heightened attention, enthusiasm and respect for television. I am proud of the elevation of our industry in recent years. In the year ahead, our team intends to do all we can to ensure that the Television Academy will help take the medium to even greater heights.

Bruce Rosenblum

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