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February 09, 2015

Interactive Media

Requirements for membership in the Interactive Media Peer Group

Persons actively engaged in a hands-on capacity in one or more of the following areas: Creative Role (such as Producer, Director, Designer), Business Role (such as Executive, Marketing, Product Management) or a Technologist Role (such as Technical Architecture Design, Information Design, Development) in direct service of interactive programming.

Interactive programming is defined as interactive content experiences associated with a linear program or series, or original interactive program, which enable the viewer to both view and manipulate, alter, interact with or affect the content by means of platform-specific or multi-platform delivery services. Such services include, but are not limited to, broadcast, cable, satellite, broadband, or wireless distribution of content, services or products which are generally available to a majority of U.S. homes through television sets, computers, mobile and other connected consumer electronics devices.

Active Status:

Entrepreneurial and/or employed persons with verifiable hands-on experience for a minimum of 36 months of the past 48 months acting in a substantive and/or stakeholder position within a creative, and/or business and/or technologist role (such as, but not limited to: lead, producer, director, management, executive or principal).

Associate Status:

Entrepreneurial and/or employed persons with verifiable hands-on experience for a minimum of 12-36 months of the past 48 months acting within a creative and/or business and/or technologist role.


Professional titles mentioned above are examples and are not intended to represent all possible titles or roles that may be eligible for membership. The Interactive Media Peer Group recognizes that we serve a constantly evolving and dynamic segment of the television industry. If any active member of the industry believes their experience qualifies them for membership, they are encouraged to submit an explanation of such experience, along with their résumé, for consideration by the IMPG's Governors.


Board of Governors Interactive Media Representatives

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