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Requirements for membership in the Los Angeles Area Peer Group

Please note that any requirements for credits, number of programs, number of hours or days, or percentages of time spent (as outlined below) must have been met within the four years preceding one’s application for membership. Such requirements apply to the production or distribution of audio/visual works for national, local, or Los Angeles Area television market exhibition.

Active Status:

Applicants will have worked for at least four years as a professional engaged in Telecommunications Production and Distribution for the Metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Applicants who meet the requirements for ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP will not be considered for ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP.

Exhibit a body of work to be determined by the Los Angeles Peer Group Executive Committee to warrant waiving the above requirements.

Associate Status:

Individuals who do not meet the requirements for Active membership status but have been actively engaged in Los Angeles Area Television Production and Distribution for a period of not less two (2) years and not more than four (4) years.

NOTE: If, as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER, you have reached or surpassed the four (4) year qualification requirement, upon vetting of your credentials, you will automatically be reclassified as an ACTIVE MEMBER and will be billed at the ACTIVE status membership fee.

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