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Television Academy Honors - 2009

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences created the Television Academy Honors in 2008 to recognize “Television with a Conscience” — achievements in programming that present issues of concern to our society in a compelling, emotional and insightful way.

The Second Television Academy Honors

April 30, 2009 at the Beverly Hills Hotel

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In April 2009, the second annual Television Academy Honors awarded eight programs that have had significant impact on the viewing audience concerning such vital issues as racial integration, adoption, gun control, sexual orientation, the fight against cancer, endangered species, the environment, tolerance and questions of faith.

Phil Gurin (The Singing Bee, Miss Universe Pageant) produced the ceremony.

Cynopsis Media is the Official Media Sponsor of the 2009 Television Academy Honors.

Recipients of the Second Annual Television Academy Honors are:

  • A Home for the Holidays (10th Annual) —The show has heightened awareness for adoption and increased the number of children who have found permanent homes. Hosted by singer Faith Hill, CBS’ annual special focuses on children of all ages who deserve to find a way out of foster care. (Produced by Triage Entertainment and Goldsmith Entertainment.)

  • Breaking the Huddle: The Integration of College Football — HBO’s documentary about the profound impact of college football on the Civil Rights Movement and the integration of our country’s top colleges and universities during the ‘50s and ‘60s. (Produced by HBO Sports.)

  • Brothers & Sisters: “Prior Commitments” — Set against the real-life backdrop of the battle over California’s Prop. 8, this episode of the ABC drama focuses on the complex emotions and reactions of the fictional Walker family as one of its sons makes a public commitment to a same-sex relationship, and seeks to legalize that union. (Produced by ABC Studios).

  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition: “The Martirez & Malek Families” — Exemplifying the importance of helping those in need, especially in troubling times, this episode of the ABC series follows the heroic stories of two families and their dedication to caring for individuals with debilitating health issues and disabilities. (Produced by Endemol USA/ABC Networks.)

  • “God on Trial" (Masterpiece Contemporary) — In its portrayal of universal questions about faith and philosophy, this PBS production about a group of W.W. II concentration camp prisoners conducting a mock trial against the Almighty offers the ultimate lesson: he who forgets history is doomed to repeat it. (A co-production of Hat Trick Production and WGBH/Boston.)

  • Stand Up to Cancer — With the participation of 50 dedicated celebrities, this historic September 5, 2008, hour-long, commercial-free primetime telecast aired simultaneously on ABC, CBS and NBC and raised awareness and funds for the fight against cancer. (A program of the Entertainment Industry Foundation in association with the Noreen Fraser Foundation; produced by Laura Ziskin Productions and Seligman Entertainment, Inc.)

  • 30 Days — This unique reality series gives viewers the opportunity to vicariously experience someone else’s life for 30 days, providing them with greater understanding of opposing viewpoints, ways of life and sometimes unpredictable personal outcomes. (Produced by Reveille, Warrior Poets, Actual Reality and FX Networks.)

  • Whale Wars — In drawing attention to global conservation and the friction between nations over whaling in oceanic territories, this Animal Planet series takes viewers on a powerful adventure. It spotlights Captain Paul Watson, who dedicates himself to saving the lives of whales, even when it puts his own life in danger. (Produced by RIVR Media and Lizard Trading Company.)

The Television Academy Honors is not a new category of Primetime Emmy® Award; it continues to be separate and distinct from Emmy’s recognition of television excellence. The purpose of Television Academy Honors is to recognize and celebrate programming that motivates, educates, inspires and changes lives.

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