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Me & My Emmy
May 16, 2017

Me and My Emmy: Sela Ward

  • Corey Nickols

Primetime Emmy Tally: Two

How She Got the Gold: Outstanding lead actress in a drama series for ABC’s Once and Again (2000) and for NBC’s Sisters (1994).

Now for the Noms: Another nomination as lead actress in a drama, for Once and Again (2001), and as lead actress in a miniseries or special, for Lifetime’s Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story (1996).

Top Spot: “At age three, while performing as a group in my ballet dance recital — and apparently dissatisfied with that arrangement — I left my designated spot in line, marched to the edge of the stage and finished the performance front and center. I clearly had a very early desire to embrace the spotlight.”

Hope Floats: “Who wouldn’t want to live vicariously through Lily Manning [her character on Once and Again], connecting with that gorgeous Billy Campbell just when she thought her life was over? The notion that she could flourish after the heartache of divorce struck a chord with viewers.”

Plan B: “My right brain wants in equal parts to be both an actress and a painter. If I’m not on set, I ache to be in my studio creating with paint. The other side of my brain, though, is unnaturally obsessed with science, health and medicine, which means I probably should have been a doctor.”

Fave Rave: "Sisters has to be my favorite Emmy win. I was one of the least experienced cast members, and to the shock and awe of everyone — including myself — I won. I think the win was a testament to my taking big risks that, while not always working out, served as a catalyst to work harder. After 100-plus episodes, the Emmy was a validation that, by grit and determination, I had become an accomplished actress.”

This article originally appeared in emmy magazine, Issue No. 4, 2017

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