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Emmy Magazine Features

Actor-writer-producer Sharon Horgan — making waves with her Amazon show Catastrophe, HBO’S Divorce and much, much more — is a master at marrying dark and light.

By Benji Wilson

TV distribution goes topsy-turvy as traditional service providers encourage cord-cutting while the digital upstarts start bundling.

By Daniel Frankel

As an actor-producer, John Legend turns to television to tell a tale of courage.

By Graham Flashner

With its Broad Focus initiative, Lifetime proves it wants women running the shows.

By Lisa Rosen

Like a hard-core but humble Hercules (chains? what chains?), Corey Hawkins breaks into hyper-hero mode in 24: Legacy , the newest installment of the prized Fox franchise.

By Tatiana Siegel

Ten Hallmark Hall of Fame gems.

By Liane Bonin Starr