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New voices find a warm welcome at Starz.

By Curt Wagner

With shows like Power, Outlander and the upcoming Vida, Starz looks to lap its premium- cable competitors as it targets “swim lanes” and new audiences.

By Curt Wagner

Long before the clear blue skies of 9/11 turned black, events were unfolding that would lead to the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. Hulu’s new The Looming Tower deconstructs the hows and whys, mostly through the eyes of Jeff Daniels, who plays a key FBI investigator.

By Ann Farmer

Iain Armitage never sought an acting career, but — like the perfect hand — it found him. How perfect that primetime’s most sure- fire spinoff, CBS’s Young Sheldon, should spotlight the most inevitable star.

By Mark Morrison

The prospect of imminent calamity keeps viewers tuning in to Amazon’s The Grand Tour, where great cars meet great scenery, and three petrolheads bicker over whose engine is bigger, who makes a better cup of tea — and what you’ll get if you cross a Soviet warplane, a Suzuki Jimny and a speedboat.

By Benji Wilson

What comes to mind when the stars think of the Golden Globes? Some winners, nominees — and watchers — share their thoughts.

By Craig Tomashoff - Additional reporting by Sarah Hirsch