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Great casting makes great TV duos, but even with supremely talented actors, there’s an unpredictable X factor in any pairing. Randee Dawn chatted up five terrific twosomes to find out what makes them click — and why you just gotta have friends.

By Randee Dawn

In three seasons of American Crime, Felicity Huffman has immersed herself in three very different roles and emerged exultant. No matter the character, this shape-shifting actress seeks the truth in her portrayal while working selflessly in the ensemble.

By Margy Rochlin

Execs at Crackle, Sony’s streaming service, knew its customers were big fans of Snatch, Guy Ritchie’s gangster comedy. So they conceived it as a series — with new characters and an amped-up pace. And casting Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint couldn’t hurt.

By Benji Wilson

Nonstop action and a singular style characterize the work of McG, who faced down a crippling fear of flying to reach Hollywood heights.

By Jenny Hontz

The creator of Queen Sugar slows down the action in her OWN series, but not her career momentum. In the wake of her Oscar nomination, Ava DuVernay is working nonstop — and sharing that work with many who she believes should be valued and heard.

By Lisa Rosen

For Samantha Bee and the fierce writing staff of Full Frontal, facing the recent pace of politics is like capping an undersea oil spill. It’s dark down there — and they have to work fast. But they’re in it together and find humor in the depths.

By Lisa Rosen