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Emmy Magazine - In The Mix

Funny friends riff on the search for stature in Nobodies.

C-SPAN offers unvarnished access to D.C.’s power plays.

Some got the call from a prominent director. One did it for health insurance. However they found their way to television, these indie directors are thriving in their new, metaphorical home.

Bullish on its past success, Reelz revisits the Kennedy saga.

Honest Trailers finds fun in puns and a winning formula.

Renowned nonfiction producer Sheila Nevins turns the spotlight on herself.

From the author of the True Blood novels, an NBC series bends minds — and genres — in a Texas town.

For Michael Connelly, the author-turned-producer behind Bosch, crime stories have always gone deeper than whodunit.

From a renowned writer to a respectful producer, The Handmaid’s Tale finds a new form on Hulu.